Welcome To Direct Source China

Direct Source China helps North American manufacturers and distributors remain competitive in today’s economic climate. Through a single contact point, DSC provides your organization access to China-manufactured goods straight from the assembly line to your door. We bridge the gap between China manufacturers providing our clients a reliable and trustworthy source for their products.

Lower Costs, Assured Quality

Direct Source China becomes your trusted Manufacturing partner on the ground in China.  We oversee entire the process from beginning to completion ensuring quality, consistency and seamless communication. Find out more about our Full Service Model.

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Streamlined Process

Direct Source China significantly reduces product costs without the time, expense and resources required in identifying the right supplier.  Our focus is simple—the right product at lower costs and on-time delivery.  Our team becomes an extension of your operation with a milestone driven process backed by our total commitment to meet your critical timeline and quality demands all while mitigating the perceived risks of doing business in China.

Global Partners

With offices in the U.S. and China, DSC provides your company with around the clock access to our procurement professionals, delivering immediate answers and local expertise.